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ParkinsonNet implemented in Norway

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ParkinsonNet implemented in Norway

"The Norwegian government is eager to learn from the Dutch ParkinsonNet and wants to apply this model to its own healthcare system", said Bent Høie, the Norwegian minister of Health during the yearly national health conference on November 1st in Oslo.

After a successful implementation of ParkinsonNet at Kaiser Permanente in California, the Norwegian government decided to start implementing ParkinsonNet. Several studies have shown that the innovative ParkinsonNet model leads to better quality of care, lower disease complications and a significant decrease in health care costs. The Norwegian government believes in the strength of this model and signed a contract with the Radboud University Medical Center to implement ParkinsonNet in Norway. Starting in two pilot regions, Oslo and Stavanger, the network will be tested and thereafter implemented in the entire country.

ParkinsonNet implemented in Norway

Picture taken after the First announcement of the Norwegian ParkinsonNet implementation. From left to right: Ronald Lolkema (board member ParkinsonNet), Marten Munneke (managing director ParkinsonNet), Lisbeth Normann (Norwegian State Secretary), Bas Bloem (medical director ParkinsonNet), Bent Hoie (Norwegian Minister of health), Anne Grethe Erlandsen (Norwegian State Secretary), Guido Alves (Norwegian Neurologist), Magne Wang Fredriksen (Secretary general at Norwegian Parkinson association), Lonneke Rompen (Business Manager ParkinsonNet International), Knut Johan Onarheim (Director of Norwegian Parkinson association).

Minister of Health Bent Høie: "people with a chronic condition are in need of long term high quality health care. We are convinced that knowledge and expertise is invaluable in providing high quality care. Organizing the care for people with a chronic condition through networks like ParkinsonNet will help us provide high quality affordable healthcare tailored to each individual's needs".

The Norwegian Parkinson association is also excited to start implementing ParkinsonNet. Magne Wang Fredriksen, Secretary General of the association: "Bringing ParkinsonNet to Norway is something we have long desired. Today this finally became truth and we look forward to introducing this model in Norway".    

ParkinsonNet as model for good and affordable care

Radboud University Medical Centre developed ParkinsonNet, an innovative concept with three fundamental elements: patients and their spouses are provided maximum knowledge about- and ownership in their own care; all involved providers receive Parkinson specific specialty training and support; and care teams receive guidance on how to work together with and around the patients efficiently.    

ParkinsonNet is organized in regional, national and more recently also international networks. All Dutch municipalities are part of one of more ParkinsonNetworks, which facilitates high quality multidisciplinary care for all people with Parkinson throughout the country. Radboud UMC is delighted to see that also Norwegian patients will be able to benefit from this model. The mission of ParkinsonNet is to improve the lives of people with Parkinson worldwide, and this is one step closer to accomplishing this mission. After the successful introduction of ParkinsonNet in California, the Dutch team is excited to start implementing in Norway as well. The implementation will start with training Norwegian providers in order to guarantee a self-supporting, high quality and sustainable network.